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Fic Masterlist

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Apr. 10th, 2013 | 05:31 pm

Fics are listed in chronological order from newest to oldest, with the exception of parts of a series which are listed together.

Brave - G - What Blaine realizes after telling Kurt he loves him.
Everything In It's Place - PG-13 - [Domestic!Klaine] Kurt and Blaine move into their first home together.
Deliberate - PG - In which Kurt dresses to make Blaine jealous.
Belly Aches and Exploding Smiles - PG - [Little!Klaine] Blaine Anderson is the only person Kurt invites to his 7th birthday party and Chuck E Cheese. Sequel to Kings of the Sky.
Hope - PG - The day Blaine sees Kurt for the first time is nearly six months after they meet.
Kings of the Sky - G - [Little!Klaine] Blaine Anderson notices a sad and lonely boy on the playground and decides to spend recess with him.
He Waits - G - Blaine kisses Kurt.
True Winners - G - It turns out, some things - like holding hands with your boyfriend - are far more important than trophies.
Forever Tourists - NC-17 - [Semi-AU] Loosely connected sequence of drabbles detailing how Kurt & Blaine have grown together over they years.
Fast; or how Blaine learns to trust Kurt with his body - NC-17 - Blaine's afraid to be naked in front of Kurt, fearing he'll be a disappointment.
Commitments - PG-13 - [Future!fic] On the eve of their fifth anniversary together, Blaine asks Kurt a very important question about the future.

Unexpected Love series including: The Moves; or Kurt and Blaine's First Time (R), No Regrets (R) and Silence (PG) - Kurt struggles emotionally in the aftermath of having sex with Blaine way, way too soon. Kurt and Blaine awake to the morning after and face the reality of what happened last night. What will it mean for them?

Mr. Spectacular - PG-13 - Scene expansion of the 2nd coffee shop scene in 'Silly Love Songs' - Blaine's POV
Valentine - PG - [Little!Klaine] A young Blaine befriends a shy young boy in his second grade class.
(First) Kiss - G - Kurt's first REAL kiss.

Four Minutes (NC-17) and Gimme More (NC-17) - Blaine gets his hands on a copy of Kurt's '4 Minutes' performance with the Cheerios. In the sequel, Kurt snags a new cheerios uniform and puts on a new show for Blaine.

The Composer and the Healer - PG-13 - Blaine has to take the Keirsey test for Psych class and persuades Kurt to take it, too.
Little Moments - G to R - [Future!fic] A compilation of the seven prompts I filled for the meme this weekend, arranged into a semi-cohesive timeline/narrative of Kurt & Blaine's relationship.
Christmas Dream - PG - All Kurt wants this Christmas Eve is to see Blaine.
The Boy is Mine - PG-13 - Kurt wins a bet and gets to make Blaine do whatever he wants - all day.
Inertia - R - Things go a little farther than Blaine expects during his physics study session with Kurt.
Beginnings - PG-13 - From the beginning, Kurt notices all the little things, all the touches and all the looks.
First Time - NC-17 - Kurt's first time is like thirty billion times better than porn led him to believe it would be.
Christmas Spectacular - PG-13 - Kurt begrudingly attends Blaine's performance at the King's Island Christmas Spectacular.
A Gentleman Never Takes Advantage - PG-13 - Blaine can barely remember Dalton before Kurt arrived.
The Bird That Was - PG-13 - [Major Crack!Fic] - Kurt is seriously incapable of taking care of his new friend.
21st Century Gentleman - PG-13 - On a dare, Blaine gives a class entitled: How to be Cool 101. The Dalton boys furiously take notes.
Pocket Watch - PG - Blaine has a pocket watch, which lately has seemed to be magical.
Favorite Flavor - NC-17 - If he had to pick one physical trait of Kurt's that was one of the biggest turn-ons, it would have to be his skin. It reminds him of vanilla ice cream (which he thinks is delicious).
(The Best Thing That's Ever Been) Mine - G - Top40 radio helps Kurt contemplate his feelings for Blaine.
No Shortcuts - NC-17 - Based on this prompt. Blaine likes to take shortcuts, but they never work out right.
The Lie - PG-13 - Based on this prompt: Blaine really hasn't read Patti LuPone's new book - he just said yes because he didn't want to disappoint Kurt. He buys and starts reading it so Kurt doesn't catch him in the lie.
One Thing - PG - Kurt watches a football game with Blaine. Apparently, there is something Blaine likes better than football.
The Moment - PG - What Blaine realizes when he comes to McKinley to confront Karofsky.

Don't Stop - PG - Ariadne ponders what Arthur is writing about in the journal he keeps with him.
Bittersweet - G - Prompt #6: Forgery for inception100 
Two Strangers with No One to Miss Us - PG - Ariadne spends Christmas break at school and entertains a surprise guest.
The Real Mr. Charles - PG - Arthur tells Ariadne to kiss him to keep the projections from getting more suspicious. Or does he?

The Irresistibility of Ginger Girls - PG - Missing/Altered scenes fic from "Time of Angels"
Written in the Stars - G - Amy muses about how her life has changed since her raggedy doctor returned.
All I Ask is This - PG - Altered Scene - 6x11 - Before he says goodbye, Amy needs to truly know what she's losing.

Baby It's Cold Outside - PG-13 - David invites Allison to Utah for Christmas.
Es Navidad - G - [Future!Fic] David, Allison and the kids spend Christmas night together. For aiholidaybash .
Four Years series, including: Almost Four Years (PG), So Hard to Forget (PG-13), No One Else (PG), and Have and Always Will (PG -13) - Allison realizes she can't be everything David needs. A year and a half later, Archie whines at Cook. He's still not over Allison. After a chance run-in with David, Allison does something she isn't expecting to do. She falls in love all over again.

Many more of these can be found at archuheta under my other pen name.

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